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My name is Dr. Gordon Jones. I have launched this Createyourself community around all the activities I am involved in so we may better interact with each other in one place. I love to teach both to provide what I have learned to others and because I continuously learn myself as I prepare to teach and interact with my clients.

Within this community, you will learn about my thoughts on personal development, healthtech, emerging technologies such as blockchain, investment strategies to prepare for my future when I no longer generate an income, and my philosophy on business and entrepreneurship.

Our latest project is helping to launch the Healy in the US and around the world. A remote-based business anyone can join to build their own revenue stream deploying the personal wearable health device that has been cleared by the FDA for consumer use in the US. $25 million and 15 years in development, the Healy has been for sale in EU for 18 months, is now in 40 countries, recently opened in India, and we are now planning for the US Launch in May. This project is not only a great product to launch your own business, but it is a great opportunity to grow and learn personally and professionally.

Go ahead, register in and feel free to explore the community at your leisure. Ping me through the chat app with any questions.

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