Dr. Gordon Jones

As I Teach, I Learn

The Createyourself Community

My name is Dr. Gordon Jones. I have launched this Createyourself community around all the activities I am involved in so we may better interact with each other in one place. I love to teach both to provide what I have learned to others and because I continuously learn myself as I prepare to teach and interact with my clients.

Within this community, you will learn about my work in Employee Benefits, Personal Development, Healthcare, Emerging Technologies such as Blockchain, Investment Strategies to prepare for your future when we no longer generate an Income, and my Philosophy on Business and Entrepreneurship.

Our latest food innovation for you is Plenti.LifeĀ where we provide:

All Natural, Farm to Table Food Services as to Benefit Employee Health.

Our latest service project is ValidIDe where we validate individual identity information and provide it to you in a secure digital form on your Smartphone. We can verify many data points such as your Driver's License info, work experience, education, and professional credentials then create an immutable (unchangeable) record in a secure Smartphone Wallet for you to keep your information readily available as you need it. This is the latest in Digital Identity technology and can be trusted by all organizations and governments.

Other opportunities for you including learning about the latest in technology through my Blockchain Basics workshop, or how to take your idea and build your own startup company, and you can even help me polish my virtual book - How to Createyourself.

Go ahead, register into the community. Feel free to explore the community at your leisure. Ping me through the chat app with any questions.

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